A hard-drinking man. A dented Harley. A detour to an unexpected future.

“An unpredictable adventure filled with eccentric characters…”

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A quixotic, inspiring misadventure with an eccentric assortment of characters.

Professor Lawrence Tyrone didn’t have a drinking problem – or an obsession with his ex-wife – until he discovered she was marrying his brother. When crashing the wedding with disastrous results leaves him divorced for a second time, unemployed and close to rock-bottom, Tyrone moves to the country, buys a Harley and starts taking riding lessons from a secretive Polish expat.

Isolated out in the country, far from his usual haunts and routines, Tyrone gets caught up in the lives of several unpredictable characters – his neighbors and their Labrador dog (who has a mind of her own), his street-smart riding instructor, a rebellious young girl, a gambler and a medical resident caught up in a love triangle.

Meddling in other people’s lives forces Tyrone to confront his own failings. For the first time in his life he wants to be a different man, but there’s that lifetime of bad habits and bad behavior to overcome….


Writer, poet, and traveler, my curiosity and love of wandering have led me to visit many places and to find inspiration in them all. I have dived off Andros Island and the Caymans, taught Qigong, climbed the Inca Trail on Machu Picchu, fire-walked, built a boat, talked with elephants, slept under the stars in Botswana and in a Kalahari Ju/”hoansi Bushmen village, experimented with photography and always been in love with nature and the natural world. I especially love more leisurely eco-travel adventures where I keep trying out new cameras.

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