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On Poetry and Why I Write

As many of us know, writing is a very personal endeavor – and also mostly a solitary one.
Some of us write because we are driven to it – writing is like a life-line for us.
Some of us write because we want to touch others – reach out to the world.
Some of us write for lack of something better.

I write poetry because I want to know what happens next.

And some of us write because we want to know what happens next.

That’s why I write poetry – I never know how a poem is going to exist in it’s final form – I never know the lessons it’s going to teach me about myself and my place in the world.

The River Doesn’t Stop

Somewhere out in the newness dawn is calling –
a baby seal is playing in the water
popping its head up, flipping tail,
in love with every breath

Let go all fears and constellations
perfection in all things is overrated
let weight of water carry you and hold you
whatever is broken can often be redeemed
and – if the river doesn’t stop –
plunge in


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